Model SRMD

The SRMD is designed to provide a prominent display in critical environments. The SRMD takes inputs from critical sensors||| and display the parameters in 1 illuminated LCD characters. The SRMD is sensor agnostic and accepts 0-5VDC or 0-10VDC inputs. However||| it is also available to order calibrated with Setra humidity/temperature sensors||| ensuring that it is ready to install out of the box||| providing quick installation. The SRMD is avilable in single or dual configuration with a white or nickey bezel||| and the LCD characters are available in three colors; red||| green||| and blue.

Single or Dual Display
Display Bezel Color
Display Color (Top)
Measurement Parameter (Top)
Sensor option
Display Color (Bottom)
Measurement Parameter (Bottom)
*Please contact the factory for additional options